AdBlue additives

Ad Blue® is a substance of very high quality and purity, specially designed for cars with catalytic system of gases combustion SCR. While injecting Ad Blue® to SCR catalyst, the polluting gases that cause smog and acid rain (such as nitrogen oxide – NOx) are immediately reduced into harmless nitrogen and water. Only by Ad Blue® it is possible to achieve optimal effect of catalytic process. Ad Blue® is recommended by truck manufacturers.

The diesel engine has been appreciated for many decades as the best type of drive in urban buses and trucks because of its endurance, efficiency and reliability. This is an internal combustion engine with the highest coefficient of performance, unrivaled in reducing CO2 emissions. Current designs are able to meet the requirements of Euro IV engine (2005) and Euro V (2008) and EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle).

The goal has been achieved – in conditions of special requirements, because of a typical diesel engine conflict between reduction of Nox and particulate matters’ (PM) emissions – thanks to simultaneous use of:

  • improved fuel technology,
  • technical means applied in an engine,
  • effective final exhaust treatment, where you can choose between two strategies: 1/AGR + CTR or 2/otimizing the emissions PM +SCR.

The main principle of the SCR strategy is to reduce emission of PM inside the engine and emission of NOx that is increased at that time, by the implementation of SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction). This minimizes fuel consumption (6% against the Euro III). All European manufacturers already use these prototypes in trials on a larger scale. The SCR technique is not sensitive to the sulfur content of the fuel, which will make easier the cross-border services, especially to Eastern Europe. In addition, when supply difficulties in terms of reducing agent occur, the movement of trucks can be carried out without the use of mentioned agent. This is a clear advantage in cross-border truck traffic, providing “Operational Simplicity”.

The Euro IV standard requires a 4-percent addition of the Ad Blue®, and to meet the requirements of Euro V 5 – 6-percent addition is necessary. This means you need to install the additional tank in the car. Durability of Ad Blue® is unlimited, and the smell is much weaker than the smell of alternative reducing agent – solid ammonium carbonate dissolved in oil. After heating it in the vehicle (e.g. in diesel oil, water of cooling system or by an external heat source), it is injected in gaseous form to the SCR catalyst. This agent allows almost 3 times higher mileage and is therefore offered to city buses and road transport.