Oils and lubricants


ENEOS is the World-renowned premium brand name for the lubricant products manufactured by Japan’s largest oil company: ENEOS Corporation. Being one of Asia’s biggest and most successful integrated energy companies, it has a vast amount of experience and expertise. ENEOS is a technologically advanced lubricant brand which is trusted by many globally.
Mobil Oil is a member of the global organization of ExxonMobil, the largest corporation in the world. The company offers a full range of industrial oils, motor oils for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, special equipment and gear oils, coolants, brake fluids and lubricants.
Castrol is one of the greatest legends of roads and racetracks. For many drivers, this name sounds like a spell. The company specializes in automotive oils, gear oils and lubricants.
The company Elf sells liquid fuels and related products, petrochemicals.
Texaco in Poland has been running for 10 years. The world's Texaco Star celebrates its 100th birthday. Wherever we operate - Texaco star - one of the strongest brands - is a guarantee of the highest quality and professional services. Texaco customers around the world can be confident in our products that uses the latest technologies.
PEMCO products with an excellent price-performance ratio. PEMCO brand manufactured by SCT-Germany, is a symbol of high quality products. SCT-Germany products are present in 52 countries located on five continents.
Gulf company offers a full range of oils, lubricants and fluids for the automotive, industrial and marine. Gulf brand products are manufactured and imported to Poland from the Netherlands.
Norwegian company Statoil, which belongs to the forefront in the field of oil extraction technology and natural gas from the seabed, is present in Poland since 1991. Statoil currently operates in 40 countries around the world, leading investments related to the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.
Repsol is an international company having its representative offices in 30 countries around the world. Is the dominant oil company in Spain and Argentina. Products produced by REPSOL are appreciated by users around the world. They are widely used in automotive, agriculture and industry.
Family of Shell Helix is a wide range of top quality products that meet the requirements of every driver - from edge technology synthetic oils - Shell Helix Ultra to popular mineral oil - Shell Helix Super.
Ravenol develops, produces and sells an easy-to-use lubricants that set the technology trends, economic and environmental.

We attach great importance to meet the individual needs of our clients and adherence to the pace of market trends.
Thanks to its achievements and long-term practice in meeting the needs of customers is one of the world's largest specialists in the manufacture of lubricants, fluids and
Responding to the dynamic changes in the lubricants market, ORLEN OIL actively cooperates with leading foreign and Polish research centers in the implementation of the offer of new, high-quality products.
LOTOS is a leader in its field with over 30% market share. LOTOS brand motor oils every driver knows the both at home and abroad. Their high quality and reliability make it reach for the most demanding customers, and LOTOS brand is best known for the Polish oil market.
Petronas is an international company operating in the lubricating oil, present in over 20 countries around the world in the production, distribution and sale of functional and transmission fluids, lubricants and coolants for wide range of cars, motorcycles, tractors, agricultural tractors and other industrial equipment .